What is shell scheme ?

Shell scheme is a term commonly used in the exhibition industry. It’s the most common type of stand and is cost effective, reusable and quick to install. To put it simply, shell scheme creates a blank canvas or box made from aluminium uprights, components and panels.

It commonly comes in one metre modules and is arranged by the exhibition organiser. Whilst very basic in their nature, there is a lot that can be done to transform a shell scheme without spending too much.

The big problem that exhibitors have when you’re assigned a shell scheme is how to make it look good. The shell schemes are incredibly unimaginative by nature, in order to maximise your time spent at the exhibition you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to attract customers to your stand. It’s commonly suggested that you have between 2-6 seconds to grab a passing customers attention..

Using our online order system there are many upgrades available to catch the eye of your customer.

Frequently asked questions. Our top ten.

  • What are modular exhibition stands?

A modular exhibition system is made up of easily connected components that are reconfigurable to fit any size or shape. Modular systems can be reconfigured and reused easily, making them highly sustainable and cost efficient.

  • What is a shell scheme stand?

The term ‘shell scheme’ refers to a standard modular exhibition booth that is supplied by exhibition organisers as a low-cost stand solution. They can come fully equipped with the structure, flooring and electrics. A shell scheme is a popular choice for first time exhibitors as it’s an affordable way to begin exhibiting.Below are general rules and sizes you will find at any show with shell scheme.

  • How can I make my stand environmentally friendly

Depending how many times a year you intend to exhibit, you could hire instead of buy, reducing your level of waste by using reusable equipment. You can also deck out your stand with reusable and recyclable elements – this is possible with everything from frame to flooring.

  • Can I reuse my stand at different sized shows?

Modular exhibition stands are well suited for reusability, as they can be easily reconfigured.

  • What makes a good exhibition stand?

What qualifies as a ‘good’ exhibition stand will depend on what your aims and objectives are and the reasoning behind exhibiting. A ‘good’ exhibition stand may not be the same from one business to another. If you want to encourage communication with visitors and have 1-1 discussions, then it will be valuable having a meeting area on your stand that provides some privacy for conversation. If you want to grow your brand awareness, then your stand should successfully communicate your branding and be informative for show visitors.

  • How much do exhibition stands cost?

This question is similar to ‘how long is a piece of string’, it completely depends on the size of your stand and how complex you want it to be. It’s good to calculate your budget allowance before you get in touch with your stand supplier so you can provide an estimation of what you can afford. For entry level budgets, you may want to consider a pop-up solution that may be more affordable, see our pop up lightboxes that offer a great, price sensitive stand solution.

  • What’s the most popular type of exhibition stand?

Our most popular exhibition stand type is the modular solution, highly adaptable and an eco-conscious option too. We are a company focused on sustainability which is why we highly encourage the use of modular stands for their reusable and recyclable properties.A great product is a Matrix frame great to showcase large open spaces and a really neat solution for eye catching graphics.

  • What’s the most important thing for an exhibition stand to have?

Clear branding – it is important your stand reflects your brand and people will be able to associate it with you.

Lead capture – if you are wanting to collect and save data during the show, via a tablet or iPad is a useful way to do so. if everything is stored in one place in a digital format it reduces the risk of losing data like business cards, that can easily be misplaced or damaged.

Strong design and team – the look and feel will help pull people in, but it’s your team members who will need to do the rest of the work making a sale or gathering people’s contact details for future marketing. Having a solid, determined, and confident team who are clued up on what you’re selling is key to really making the most out of your stand and full exhibiting experience.

  • What’s the best type of exhibition stand?

The best type of exhibition stand is the one that’s most suited to your business objectives. If you intend on exhibiting a couple of times a year, then you should consider hiring a modular system. If you have a high budget and want to make a dramatic impact, a custom stand or custom features may suit you best.

  • How do I know if I should rent or buy my exhibition stand?

Hiring an exhibition stand is the ideal solution if you have a space-only exhibition area and want to invest in a show stopping stand and make a big impression. If you only attend a couple of shows a year, hiring is also a much more cost-effective solution, working with a professional team who will deliver, build and dismantle and store your stand features in between shows. If you attend more than 5 times a year you may want to purchase a stand that you will be able to take to each show, with the ability to update graphics, size up or down and include different elements that are suited to different shows.