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The combination of experience, creativity and commitment from both Denis and Conor are the essential attributes of Haughton Exhibitions, which ensure that your project will be a success every time.

About us.
Nothing beats a Conference or Exhibition Event for certain types of marketing objectives. Face-to-face contact with customers will
always be the best option for developing relationships, negotiating deals and explaining ideas. A phone call or email will never create
the warmth of enjoying a coffee with a customer. A Zoom meeting will never create the buzz achieved with a group of customers in person at a product launch.

As your Event Partner we ensure that the event facility plays its part in maximising the above advantages.

Our mission is to ensure our clients will be proud to welcome their guests to their Event and that they will look forward to using
Haughton Exhibitions for future Events.

Our Approach
Our team of experts take a hands-on approach to all Events and Exhibits.  You will always be dealing with staff who have been
familiarised with basics of your business. Our first question to you on any job is “what are you trying to achieve with this Event?”. Our experienced staff will have useful advice on location, layout, placement of advertising and signage, equipment, etc in order to achieve your objectives.
From the first planning meeting to the departure from the venue our attention to detail, professionalism, and expertise will be clear
to you. We are creative problem solvers, we love what we do, and we hope that we will soon have the opportunity to give you great
service and great value for your money. 


Conor Haughton

Our CEO, Conor Haughton, is a full-time employee and has over 20 years’ experience in exhibitions. He is adept in,

3ds max
Qualified carpenter
Print production and management

Through the years, Conor has had great success in designing and constructing radio studios and has completed some of the finest broadcast and recording studios. Conor stands for quality and this has become the reason for the high level of success. This work led to Conor developing and understanding of soundproofing which was particularly useful in constructing 6 lecture rooms for the International Bar Association annual conference held in CCD in 2012.

Our services
We operate from our own 15,000 square foot premises in Western Industrial Estate. As this location, all of our suppliers are within a
stone’s throw. Over our 16 years as an independent business we have built up all of the equipment and experience necessary to
provide all of our services in-house. This means that there are never last minute glitches (such as a customer having a new
request!) that we can’t deal with.

Our in-house facilities include

Plastic manufacturing
Carpentry workshop
CNC machining
Steel fabrication
Vinyl and flatbed printing
Exhibition Rental equipment
Exhibition electrical rental

1,273 Projects Installed

300 Happy

45 Experiences Created

Lets Get Started!