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Haughton Exhibitions

The company operates from its own 10,000 sq. ft. premises in Western Industrial Estate. In addition to its regular staff, the company has standing arrangements with several carpenters and electrical contractors for contract work when needed. It provides every kind of exhibition solution from shell schemes to free-built stands. The company takes pride in its track record of providing imaginative and practical solutions to meet its customers’ requirements. Whether a customer is an exhibition or conference promoter or an individual stand holder, their long experience and commitment ensures that they fully understand their requirements and objectives. It is rare that they cannot make substantial recommendations to customers which enhance the design and effectiveness of their projects in a cost effective way..

Conor Haughton

Conor Haughton is a qualified carpenter and has developed an expertise in Auto CAD and Autodesk 3DS Max. He worked for leading exhibition companies for over 7 years. Through the years Conor has had great success in designing and constructing radio studios and has completed some of the finest broadcast and recording studios. Conor stands for quality and this has become the reason for the high level of success. This work led to Conor developing an understanding of soundproofing which was particularly useful in constructing 6 lecture rooms for the International Bar Association annual conference held in the CCD in 2012.

Denis Haughton

Denis Haughton, a qualified architectural draftsman, worked for over 30 years at a senior level for a leading exhibition company. He has extensive experience in planning, design and production of every kind of exhibition and conferences. Denis is a people person and drives the team from Haughton exhibitions, he works well under pressure and really excels when the pressure is on.